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Queer and Rebel Days – Halifax!

GWSS’s very own Shay is helping organize the first ever Queer and Rebel Days events. The events start tomorrow, July 1st, and goes until July 10th. Here is the description from their website:

Queer and Rebel Days is a grassroots, DIY, anti-corporate alternative to Pride that provides anti-oppressive and safe spaces to people of all ages, gender, and sexualities. It is a drug- and alcohol-free week of events that focuses on education, skill sharing, and community building.

You can join the event on Facebook and check out the Queer and Rebel Days website. Hope to see you there!


Father’s day post from Hugo Schwyzer

Hugo Schwyzer is a great man, feminist, activist. He write columns for various online spaces and works as an activist in his community and across North America. Here is a piece he wrote about raising his daughter:

“I need your help, papa”: a reprint with an update on feminist fathering of a toddler girl

From October 2010. 

Our daughter is 21 months old. As of her last doctor’s visit, she’s in the 90th percentile for height and the 20th percentile for weight. She’s doing great on a vegan diet. So far, Heloise is not particularly interested in sports (balls and the like), but is very interested in clothing, and likes to go through her drawers and inspect what she has to wear. Heloise has got a rapidly expanding vocabulary and a great memory for people. She’s clearly social, perhaps even outright extroverted. Like her father, she likes to move quickly from one activity to the next, and is particularly interested in going to see friends and family. Our basic conversations often revolve around when we’re going to see Ruthie (her best friend) or “abuela” again. Walking down the street, she waves at strangers, saying “Hi” in an enthusiastic voice. When strangers don’t respond, Heloise looks confused and crestfallen — and it’s all her father can do not to walk up to those who have failed to notice my daughter’s greeting and tell them “Damn you, pay attention! My daughter said ‘hello!’” (more…)

LGBT hate crimes don’t just happen in the US


Early Tuesday morning a local Halifax transsexual performer by the name of Elle Noir was shot in her Fairview apartment. The bullet hit her right arm and she is in the hospital being treated. She says that the men who shot her were yelling hateful slurs such as “Faggot tranny.” This crime obviously arose from pure hatred. Read the full CBC article here. (more…)

Neil Patrick Harris’ Tonys opening number, bridging gaps?

Great little number there by NPH-“Its not just for gays anymore”

Firstly, this plays into many stereotypes about gay MEN, not really about gay women. But could there be a good point behind all the jazz hands and sparkles?

Maybe art, theatre in this case, can be a bridging media for people of different orientations. By this I mean create a common space where those orientations don’t hold the weight that so many people traditionally place on them. NPH goes beyond that to suggest that theatre and art can set a ground of commonality between all differences, including political. “So, people from red states and people from blue/The big Broadway rainbow is waiting for you!”

With new shows opening like The Book of Mormon, from the creators of South Park, Broadway and theatre is opening up its scope to gather audiences of all backgrounds. Feminists have used art as a tool of activism since Suffrage. Now maybe it can be used as a tool to bridge differences between people and work towards creating a more accepting and compassionate society.

Feministing’s Weekly Reader!

Its time for the now weekly Feminist Reader from one of my favorite blogs, Feministing.com.

Summertime and the Research is…

Here the GWSS team is manically scrambling to start amping up our efforts but between paid work, school, surgeries and life its a little hard to stay sane. How are you balancing your summer activities? More writings at Hook & Eye blog from Dalhousie’s very own…

By Erin Wunker

Keeping sex green

Have you ever thought about how much waste having sex generates? Is it bad for the environment to behave like bunnies? Emma Graf from Sir Richard’s blog gives her opinion.

You’ve had a little fun between the sheets (or perhaps without sheets) and now you’ve got a used a condom to deal with.  What to do?  Most would say, “Oh just flush it and the problem goes away!”  This is definitely not the proper way to dispose of your used Love Glove.  This brings up a lesson that is one of my favorites from Environmentalism: There is no “away” and everything has to end up somewhere. (more…)