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Sir Richard’s is an incredible condom company based in Venice Beach, CA. For every condom that you buy they donate one to Haiti! Hopefully they will be coming to Canada soon. You can follow their events on Facebook.
Here’s a blog from Claudia Lopez on Sir Richard’s blog! Does talking about sex make you a slut or a horndog? Or does it empower you and others?

Watching the video of an enormous condom being dropped onto the Washington Monument was quite amazing.  The video sent a clear message–this country needs to start talking about sex!  What this video did not do, however, was tell us how.  Isn’t sex supposed to be something personal and intimate?  What if everyone thinks I’m a slut?  The only people who talk about sex are the people who are having it.
False. Read more after the jump.
Everyone should talk about sex whether or not they are having it since an educated individual is an empowered individual.  I assume that one day, most people would like to participate in having sex, whether that be after they are married, in a few years, or in the next 15 minutes.  If you aren’t having sex, maybe your friend or sibling is; in that case, it would be better if you were educated on sexual health and able to share that knowledge with your friend than if you were both misinformed about sexual health.
So now we know sex is important to talk about.  But how can we start talking about it?
A major obstacle right now in talking about sex is that people feel a bit awkward speaking about it.  Why?  Because you think that if you say a certain sex act or even partake in the conversation–it must mean you’ve done it!  False.  Since when do we only talk about things we’ve done?  I learn about how to draft environmental policies in class but it’s not like I will actually be doing it any time soon.  And in all honesty, I think the students in that class will sooner engage in sexual activity than write a public health policy.  In that case, why don’t many of these students know about sexual health or talk about it?
(1)Because it’s awkward.
(2)Because that will make me a slut.
(3)Because that means I am having sex…which of course *blushing* I am not.
In your defense:
(1)If you speak about condoms and sexual health confidently, it is not awkward.  I’ve been working that one since the box of 1000 Sir Richard’s condoms arrived at my house.
(2)You are not a slut.  Especially if you talk about sexual health!  Last time I checked, talking about condoms, birth control, and how to contract STIs is not slutty.  I find it rather informative and empowering.  I hope you do too.
(3)You probably think it makes you sound slutty because then people assume you are having sex.  First off, having sex isn’t wrong–it’s a basic human instinct.  We want to spread our genes!  It’s natural.  Thank you Darwin.  So even if people did assume you were having sex, is that bad?  Does that make you any less of a person?  I hope not.  Also, when you talk about sexual health, it is important to emphasize the facts: condoms prevent STIs and pregnancy.  That is just a fact.  I’m sorry you think that means I have sex?  But I definitely did not hint at that.  Last time I checked we were talking about sexual health, not my sex life.  Thanks!
So I now implore you to strike up a conversation about sexual health!  Try having a condom race (trust me they are fun)!  Throw out the awkwardness and screw social stigma!  Let’s step out of the dark and let’s start talking about sex!


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