Dal Gender and Women's Studies Collective

Its time for the now weekly Feminist Reader from one of my favorite blogs, Feministing.com.

Some Weinergate followup: Amanda Marcotte and Annie Lowrey defend cock shots.Hugo Schwyzer notes that many men have an “unmet need for sexual validation.”Tracy Clark-Flory explores how the online world can blur the lines between fantasy and infidelity. Melissa McEwan offers an apparently needed reminder that consent matters and at least one of the picts Weiner sent was unsolicited. Sherry Wolf says that “Weiner is a posterguy for misogyny in its postmodern form.”

Why won’t the pope let women protect themselves from HIV?

A new study of veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars finds that women have similar levels of post-combat stress as their male counterparts.

A Massachusetts state Representative thinks that undocumented immigrants who are victims of rape “should be afraid to come forward.”

Abortion: sometimes a purely happy experience.

There will be a Slut Walk in New Delhi later this month.

David Simon tells Attorney General Eric Holder that he’ll make another season of The Wire if the Dept of Justice ends the War on DrugsWin-win!

“I write in blood because I remember what it felt like to bleed.” –Sherman Alexie on young adult fiction.

DC Comics earns Bitch’s Douchebag Decree for their decision to get rid of Oracle as part of the “re-boot” of their series.

An infographic from GOOD on the opportunity gap.

In 1946, Marta Orellana, age nine, became one of the 1,500 Guatemalans that the U.S. deliberately infected with syphilis as part of a secret study.

The Bush tax cuts turned ten years old. Let’s take a look at the damage. Plus somecharts.

The Nation interviews Saudi women’s rights activist Wajeha al-Huwaider. Meanwhile, more women were detained in Riyadh for getting behind the wheel in advance of theWomen2Drive campaign planned for this Friday.

Some dipshit who thinks that Lara Logan’s cleavage was to blame for her assault has some advice for the ladies.

Related: Things That Cause Rape. (Hint: only one right answer)

If you’d like to see some old white dudes, check out this slide show of the top ten highest-paid CEOs in 2010.

Does watching “16 and Pregnant” make Americans more pro-choice?

Considering why women politicians don’t get caught in sex scandals nearly as much as men. (Plus remembering a few women who have.)


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