Dal Gender and Women's Studies Collective

Great little number there by NPH-“Its not just for gays anymore”

Firstly, this plays into many stereotypes about gay MEN, not really about gay women. But could there be a good point behind all the jazz hands and sparkles?

Maybe art, theatre in this case, can be a bridging media for people of different orientations. By this I mean create a common space where those orientations don’t hold the weight that so many people traditionally place on them. NPH goes beyond that to suggest that theatre and art can set a ground of commonality between all differences, including political. “So, people from red states and people from blue/The big Broadway rainbow is waiting for you!”

With new shows opening like The Book of Mormon, from the creators of South Park, Broadway and theatre is opening up its scope to gather audiences of all backgrounds. Feminists have used art as a tool of activism since Suffrage. Now maybe it can be used as a tool to bridge differences between people and work towards creating a more accepting and compassionate society.


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