Dal Gender and Women's Studies Collective

Join the Right 2 Wear campaign and support the rights of Muslim women to play sports, regardless of their clothing.

A GOOD infographic on women in the military.

Read more feminist news after the jump.

Mara Hvistendahl responds to Ross Douthat’s column on her book about sex-selective abortion. More great rebuttals from Michelle Chen and Adam Serwer.

Breaking Boundaries: A gallery of stories and images of transgender Americans.

Our own Shark-Fu: “Slavery was slavery…and, to the world’s shame, slavery still is slavery.”

At the Awl, novelist Kate Christensen discusses male muses and inner dicks.

An app from ProPublica analyzes new government data to show the education “opportunity gap.”

Melissa McEwan on policing femininity: “What I want is the freedom to fuck up, and the right to be wrong.”

Real Women

On new voter ID laws: “Under the guise of protecting elections, the integral democratic right to vote is being transformed into a privilege and a prize.”

An exploration of Dan Savage’s theory of non-monogamy.

Jill defends the popular new “children’s” book Go the F*ck to Sleep from some humorless critics.

At Black Coffee Poet this week, a series of posts celebrating queer indigenous voices.

Some scary maps of abortion restrictions in the states at Mother Jones.


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