Dal Gender and Women's Studies Collective

Via Feministing.com

How about that totally unchanging definition of marriage, eh? (Click here for larger image. Via the Angry Black Woman)

Jaclyn Friedman has a new column of unsolicited sex tips at GOOD. First up: some advice for Bristol Palin.

Broadening the conversation about domestic violence at Racialicious.

More after the jump.

Flavia breaks down some stats from the first UN Women report released this week.

How cool was the last NASA space shuttle launch?

Lots of good posts on sexism in the atheist/skeptical community sparked by Richard Dawkins’ response to Rebecca Watson’s mild suggestion that men shouldn’t make unsolicited sexual advances to women in elevators.

Ever wonder what a year’s worth of makeup looks like? (Eww!)

Some notes for reporters covering rape cases in response to this article on the Jamie Leigh Jones case.

Four Muslim women in the U.S. discuss radicalization.

History is made: Red blood shown in an American menstrual pad commercial.

Thousands of Californian inmates have joined in solidarity to support the Pelican Bay prison hunger strike.

What country would win the gender equality World Cup? (Spoiler alert: not the U.


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