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Hey all, I just got an email from Shirley, the fabulous coordinator of Gender and Women’s Studies at Dal. She is officially announcing the Fall 4000 level special topics course! It will be the same as last Fall’s – Queer Theory and Masculinities with Professor Ruthann Lee. Shirley says that this course is particularly important to take if you are doing a major or combined honours in GWST!

I took this course last year, in my 2nd year of school, and it remains one of my top two courses taken at Dal. It was extremely challenging given that it is an upper year course. However, the subject matter is stimulating and unique. Ruthann is an incredible prof and I personally begged Shirley to invite her back to Dal. She is soft-spoken but also direct and maintains a calming equanimity that makes her very approachable. One of my favorite moments in the class was when Ruthann told us that being critical of pop media is important, but that shouldn’t stop us from enjoying the TV shows or music we like. I hope that you will take the opportunity to sign up for the unique course, as it might not be offered again. We apologize for the late notice but trust me this class is totally worth it!


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  1. Hi, all — If you tried to register in the last week and couldn’t without getting a “permission” — apologies for this unintended barrier. We’ve taken care of it. By this afternoon (July 15), you’ll be able to register without getting a special permission. Yr. coordinator, ST.

  2. In continuing GWST 4150 news — I spoke too soon — the “permission to register” won’t be removed until Monday or Tuesday. In the meantime, if you want, Jess at mdc@dal.ca can sign you in.

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