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Dancing with the Stars first trans contestant

GWSS stands in support of Chaz Bono, the first transgendered contestant on Dancing With the Stars. I believe that the image of an openly transgendered person on TV will offer children working with gender dysphoria an example of someone who struggled with the same issues. Those who claim that this image is “toxic” to children obviously do not have the compassion or awareness to understand that people are different and does not make the wrong or evil.

For details about this new controversy see these articles here and here.


Pride is here!

Hey all, we are now halfway through Pride Week in Halifax! I hope everyone is enjoying all the rainbow fabulous events. For more information on Haliax Pride click here and to get regular reminders become a fan of their FB page. If you are interested in being in Pride Parade on Saturday get in touch with Peer Health through their FB page.

Friday evening is Halifax’s first Dyke & Trans March. Meet 6pm in front of the Spring Garden library. Join the FB event.

Don’t forget about the Pride sale this weekend at Venus Envy, our local sex-positive store. Become a fan of their FB page. This is the ad that Metro pulled last week and the article from the Chronicle Herald:

Queer and Rebel Days – Halifax!

GWSS’s very own Shay is helping organize the first ever Queer and Rebel Days events. The events start tomorrow, July 1st, and goes until July 10th. Here is the description from their website:

Queer and Rebel Days is a grassroots, DIY, anti-corporate alternative to Pride that provides anti-oppressive and safe spaces to people of all ages, gender, and sexualities. It is a drug- and alcohol-free week of events that focuses on education, skill sharing, and community building.

You can join the event on Facebook and check out the Queer and Rebel Days website. Hope to see you there!

LGBT hate crimes don’t just happen in the US


Early Tuesday morning a local Halifax transsexual performer by the name of Elle Noir was shot in her Fairview apartment. The bullet hit her right arm and she is in the hospital being treated. She says that the men who shot her were yelling hateful slurs such as “Faggot tranny.” This crime obviously arose from pure hatred. Read the full CBC article here. (more…)

Neil Patrick Harris’ Tonys opening number, bridging gaps?

Great little number there by NPH-“Its not just for gays anymore”

Firstly, this plays into many stereotypes about gay MEN, not really about gay women. But could there be a good point behind all the jazz hands and sparkles?

Maybe art, theatre in this case, can be a bridging media for people of different orientations. By this I mean create a common space where those orientations don’t hold the weight that so many people traditionally place on them. NPH goes beyond that to suggest that theatre and art can set a ground of commonality between all differences, including political. “So, people from red states and people from blue/The big Broadway rainbow is waiting for you!”

With new shows opening like The Book of Mormon, from the creators of South Park, Broadway and theatre is opening up its scope to gather audiences of all backgrounds. Feminists have used art as a tool of activism since Suffrage. Now maybe it can be used as a tool to bridge differences between people and work towards creating a more accepting and compassionate society.

Happy Pride Month!

The month of June is Pride month!! WOOT WOOT!

However Halifax will be celebrating with the fourth largest parade in Canada on July 17 to 24th. To learn more about Halifax pride click here.

Stay tuned here for updates on Halifax Pride!!