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Dancing with the Stars first trans contestant

GWSS stands in support of Chaz Bono, the first transgendered contestant on Dancing With the Stars. I believe that the image of an openly transgendered person on TV will offer children working with gender dysphoria an example of someone who struggled with the same issues. Those who claim that this image is “toxic” to children obviously do not have the compassion or awareness to understand that people are different and does not make the wrong or evil.

For details about this new controversy see these articles here and here.


Controversies over legalizing sex work in Canada

Hey everyone,

Sorry for not posting recently, I’m busying traveling across the country and meeting new fascinating feminists.

I just found a letter from the Halifax based Feminist League for Agitation Propaganda (FLAG) that was published after the 2010 Ontario ruling that Canadian prostitution laws jeopardize the safety of sex workers. A Global Post article written during the appeal of the ruling describes the situation. The decision as to whether this ruling will be upheld or overturned is still to be determined. There are many sides to this monumental decision; namely feminists who believe that the law exists to protect sex workers and those who see it as another form of government oppression.  (more…)

Pride is here!

Hey all, we are now halfway through Pride Week in Halifax! I hope everyone is enjoying all the rainbow fabulous events. For more information on Haliax Pride click here and to get regular reminders become a fan of their FB page. If you are interested in being in Pride Parade on Saturday get in touch with Peer Health through their FB page.

Friday evening is Halifax’s first Dyke & Trans March. Meet 6pm in front of the Spring Garden library. Join the FB event.

Don’t forget about the Pride sale this weekend at Venus Envy, our local sex-positive store. Become a fan of their FB page. This is the ad that Metro pulled last week and the article from the Chronicle Herald:

Halifax Slutwalk gearing up!

Slutwalk, Halifax, had a little lull and lack of interest last month. But thanks to Evette Awalt they are back in the swing of things! Here is the newly created mission statement from the executive group:

 Slutwalk Halifax is committed to removing the negative power implied by users of the word “slut” and giving it back to individuals. We are working to end the cultural practice that teaches individuals to take responsibility for sexual violence committed against them, as well as the belief that the perpetrators are provoked. The Slutwalk Halifax event is an opportunity to educate Government, protective services, communities and individuals that sexual harassment, sexual assault and sexual violence are, without exception, the responsibility of the perpetrator.

GWSS is extremely excited about this event! We encourage you to offer some volunteer hours to the organizational process and to participate in the march. You can find more info on the FB event page!

Keeping sex green

Have you ever thought about how much waste having sex generates? Is it bad for the environment to behave like bunnies? Emma Graf from Sir Richard’s blog gives her opinion.

You’ve had a little fun between the sheets (or perhaps without sheets) and now you’ve got a used a condom to deal with.  What to do?  Most would say, “Oh just flush it and the problem goes away!”  This is definitely not the proper way to dispose of your used Love Glove.  This brings up a lesson that is one of my favorites from Environmentalism: There is no “away” and everything has to end up somewhere. (more…)

Let’s talk about sex… But how?

Sir Richard’s is an incredible condom company based in Venice Beach, CA. For every condom that you buy they donate one to Haiti! Hopefully they will be coming to Canada soon. You can follow their events on Facebook.
Here’s a blog from Claudia Lopez on Sir Richard’s blog! Does talking about sex make you a slut or a horndog? Or does it empower you and others?

Watching the video of an enormous condom being dropped onto the Washington Monument was quite amazing.  The video sent a clear message–this country needs to start talking about sex!  What this video did not do, however, was tell us how.  Isn’t sex supposed to be something personal and intimate?  What if everyone thinks I’m a slut?  The only people who talk about sex are the people who are having it.
False. Read more after the jump. (more…)