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Pride is here!

Hey all, we are now halfway through Pride Week in Halifax! I hope everyone is enjoying all the rainbow fabulous events. For more information on Haliax Pride click here and to get regular reminders become a fan of their FB page. If you are interested in being in Pride Parade on Saturday get in touch with Peer Health through their FB page.

Friday evening is Halifax’s first Dyke & Trans March. Meet 6pm in front of the Spring Garden library. Join the FB event.

Don’t forget about the Pride sale this weekend at Venus Envy, our local sex-positive store. Become a fan of their FB page. This is the ad that Metro pulled last week and the article from the Chronicle Herald:


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Hey all, I just got an email from Shirley, the fabulous coordinator of Gender and Women’s Studies at Dal. She is officially announcing the Fall 4000 level special topics course! It will be the same as last Fall’s – Queer Theory and Masculinities with Professor Ruthann Lee. Shirley says that this course is particularly important to take if you are doing a major or combined honours in GWST!

I took this course last year, in my 2nd year of school, and it remains one of my top two courses taken at Dal. It was extremely challenging given that it is an upper year course. However, the subject matter is stimulating and unique. Ruthann is an incredible prof and I personally begged Shirley to invite her back to Dal. She is soft-spoken but also direct and maintains a calming equanimity that makes her very approachable. One of my favorite moments in the class was when Ruthann told us that being critical of pop media is important, but that shouldn’t stop us from enjoying the TV shows or music we like. I hope that you will take the opportunity to sign up for the unique course, as it might not be offered again. We apologize for the late notice but trust me this class is totally worth it!

Slutwalk, Halifax, had a little lull and lack of interest last month. But thanks to Evette Awalt they are back in the swing of things! Here is the newly created mission statement from the executive group:

 Slutwalk Halifax is committed to removing the negative power implied by users of the word “slut” and giving it back to individuals. We are working to end the cultural practice that teaches individuals to take responsibility for sexual violence committed against them, as well as the belief that the perpetrators are provoked. The Slutwalk Halifax event is an opportunity to educate Government, protective services, communities and individuals that sexual harassment, sexual assault and sexual violence are, without exception, the responsibility of the perpetrator.

GWSS is extremely excited about this event! We encourage you to offer some volunteer hours to the organizational process and to participate in the march. You can find more info on the FB event page!

Via Feministing.com

How about that totally unchanging definition of marriage, eh? (Click here for larger image. Via the Angry Black Woman)

Jaclyn Friedman has a new column of unsolicited sex tips at GOOD. First up: some advice for Bristol Palin.

Broadening the conversation about domestic violence at Racialicious.

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Join the Right 2 Wear campaign and support the rights of Muslim women to play sports, regardless of their clothing.

A GOOD infographic on women in the military.

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GWSS’s very own Shay is helping organize the first ever Queer and Rebel Days events. The events start tomorrow, July 1st, and goes until July 10th. Here is the description from their website:

Queer and Rebel Days is a grassroots, DIY, anti-corporate alternative to Pride that provides anti-oppressive and safe spaces to people of all ages, gender, and sexualities. It is a drug- and alcohol-free week of events that focuses on education, skill sharing, and community building.

You can join the event on Facebook and check out the Queer and Rebel Days website. Hope to see you there!

Hugo Schwyzer is a great man, feminist, activist. He write columns for various online spaces and works as an activist in his community and across North America. Here is a piece he wrote about raising his daughter:

“I need your help, papa”: a reprint with an update on feminist fathering of a toddler girl

From October 2010. 

Our daughter is 21 months old. As of her last doctor’s visit, she’s in the 90th percentile for height and the 20th percentile for weight. She’s doing great on a vegan diet. So far, Heloise is not particularly interested in sports (balls and the like), but is very interested in clothing, and likes to go through her drawers and inspect what she has to wear. Heloise has got a rapidly expanding vocabulary and a great memory for people. She’s clearly social, perhaps even outright extroverted. Like her father, she likes to move quickly from one activity to the next, and is particularly interested in going to see friends and family. Our basic conversations often revolve around when we’re going to see Ruthie (her best friend) or “abuela” again. Walking down the street, she waves at strangers, saying “Hi” in an enthusiastic voice. When strangers don’t respond, Heloise looks confused and crestfallen — and it’s all her father can do not to walk up to those who have failed to notice my daughter’s greeting and tell them “Damn you, pay attention! My daughter said ‘hello!’” Read the rest of this entry »